Participant Trianon Startups in Moscow

Participant Trianon Startups in Moscow

Participant company attend to the speed matching meeting scheduled in Moscow. Your participation allows you to come with 2 persons from your company that will together switch meetings throughout the day.

  • 1 day of business matching

During the day, high level employees from Russian corporate groups will be meeting founders or general managers from French start-up. Each company exposes respectively its needs or its product or services in order to find a potentiel agreement.

  • Multiple meetings

Each meeting between Start-up /Corporate lasts 20 minutes. During 1 day you can have up to 18 meetings.

  • Relevant meeting

Meeting are adapted to the needs of the company as all meetings are predefined before D-day to ensure relevance.

  • Other networking spaces

Furthermore, extra informal networking spaces are provided for more business opportunities and professional contacts.


Trianon Startups is a French-Russian speed-matching event dedicated to Startups and Corporate Groups

So if you are a Startups willing to start selling your technologies, products or services to corporate groups in the partner company, this forum is for you.

i.e Russian Startups pitch to French Corporates & French Startups pitch Russian Corporates

i.e If you are a Corporate Russian group, come and meet innovative French Technologies & Corporate French Group, come and meet innovative Russian Technologies.

Register on the right or Contact us.

If you are willing to be more than a participant in the Event, and gain visibility on a prestigious Event and only French-Russian Startup Event with an efficient format, you can become our partner by sponsoring the Event.

Do to so please contact us?

To attend the event you need to register on this website.

If you are a Russian Start-up, you should pre-register online to participate to the event in France. Final participation is done during the selection committee.

If you are a French Corporate Group, just register here on the website, and follow the process.

If you are a French Start-up, you should pre-register online to participate to the event in Russia. Final participation is done during the selection committee.

If you are a Russian Corporate Group, just register here, and follow the process.

The first event took place in Château de Versailles on April 15th 2019, the second event on 3rd February 2020 in Pushkin Museum in Moscow

For the regular Trianon Startups, one year it is in France and one year in Russia.

2021, we launched the regional Trianon Startups, the first on is planned in 2021 in Ekaterinbourg. the second regional will take place in 2022 in a region in France

On D-day, when the event is in France: Russian Start-ups meet with French Corporate Groups, when the event is in Russia: French Start-ups/ meeting with Russian Corporate Groups

2 types of registration are available

Participants: 2 of your company members will participate to the speed matching event

Observers: Observer will enjoy the networking in Château de Versailles without participating to the speed matching meetings