The first event is a speed-matching event dedicated to Russian Startups and French Corporate Groups

So if you are a Russian start-up willing to start selling your technologies, products or services to corporate groups from France, this forum is for you.

If you are a Corporate French group, come and meet innovative Russian Technologies.

The second event is dedicated to French Startups and Russian Corporate Groups. Contact us if you are interested.

If you are willing to be more than a participant in the Event, and gain visibility on a prestigious Event with and innovative format, you can become our partner by sponsoring the Event in Château de Versailles.

Do to so please contact us?

To attend the event you need to register on this website

If you are a Russian Start-up, your attendance will be final once approved by our start-up selection committee

If you are a French Corporate Group, just register here, and follow the process

The first Event will take place in Château de Versailles on April 15th 2019

It is a 1 day of commercial meetings of 20 min pre-defined before the D-day: Russian Start-ups/ meeting French corporate groups

The Second Event will take place late 2019, date to be confirmed

2 types of registration are available

Participants: 2 of your company members will participate to the speed matching event

Observers: Observer will enjoy the networking in Château de Versailles without participating to the speed matching meetings