Dialogue De Trianon

Dialogue de Trianon is the Civil Society Forum for French Russian collaborations The Dialogue, was initiated by President Macron & President Poutine in Mai 2017 in Trianon.

15 coordination committee members on the French side & 15 members on the Russian side have been nominated to represent, propose & validate new collaborations. Follow the link for more information on the Dialogue de Trianon.

Dialogue de Trianon
Forum Travailler Ensemble FTE?

One full day of speed-matching: intense pre-arranged commercial meetings between Start-ups and Large Corporate Groups. On the D-day, Start-ups have 20 minutes to convince Large Corporate Groups to start a concrete collaboration.

You too, experience FTE! An event organized 20 times all around the world: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong-Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Moscow, Versailles Castle and soon in Pouchkine Museum!

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Within Dialogue de Trianon,
FTEs are organised as French-Russian events:
  • In Russia, for Russian Large Corporates & French Startups

    French Start-ups meet with Russian large corporate groups


    Passed Event 3rd février 2020

  • In France, for French Large Corporates & Russian Start-ups

    Link Russian Startups with French large corporate groups

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Key figures
of D-Day
Sponsors & Partners
Forum founders
In 2019 we founded Trianon Startups
Euryale Chatelard
Euryale Chatelard

Founder of Trianon Startups.

Euryale Chatelard is a Member of the coordination council of Trianon Dialogue.

Graduate in International Economics at Paris-Dauphine, Euryale Chatelard has lived abroad for 25 years: Washington, London, Beijing, Athens, Moscow, Montreal and 8 years in Moscow. His entrepreneurial experience began in China in e-commerce.
• Co-founder of a Startup specialising in e-commerce in Beijing, Shanghai and Moscow with accelerated growth from 0 to 40 employees between 2009 and 2013. The company was acquired by Altima in 2013.
• Director of the Altima Russia and Group Partner for 6 years, before Accenture Interactive acquired Altima .
• Managing Director of Ecritel Russia.

In parallel with its professional activity, Euryale has initiated two Forum travailler Ensemble in Moscow. She was appointed coordinating member of the Trianon Dialogue and launched the Trianon Startups Forum.

Euryale is also a President of French Tech Moscow Community and CCE which stands for Foreign Trade Advisor to France.

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Julien Chol

Founder of Forum Travailler Ensemble, founder of Meewiz

Engineer from École Centrale Paris, Julien Chol has 15 years of international experience (including 10 years in China), acquired as an entrepreneur and in large groups:
• creation, development and resale of a distribution, online and retail business, anti-pollution masks in Beijing,
• since early 2019, full-time to Travailler Ensemble SAS to develop events and software solutions for events.
Large groups: one year at EDF, then 8 years within the Somfy Group. His last position was Global Sales Director for a Somfy Group brand.
In parallel with his professional activity, Julien has been very committed to serving the French business community in China, having been president of the Junior Economic Chamber in China and a member for 4 years of the Bureau of CCI France China.
It was in this context that he created the Forum Travailler Ensemble in 2009. This Forum was then organized 20 times in 10 years in the following cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Canton, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok and Moscow. The objective of the Forum Travailler Ensemble is to connect startups and SMEs in a French business community abroad with large groups in order to develop commercial links between them.

The Forum Trianon Startups is the direct descendant of the Forum Travailler Ensemble.

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